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Effective Marketing RAISES you to top of mind awareness • Resonates with intended audiences and creates a buzz • Applies across platforms • Is concise, understandable, and memorable • Shines a positive light on you and/or your business • Expresses your personality and why you're special • Spotlights what differentiates you from competitors

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Kind Words... 

"Effective, innovative communications pro who integrates the best of social and digital media with traditional marketing."

"Strategist and innovator who develops and works a cohesive plan."

"Multi-disciplinary Marketing Pro. Knows how to use communication channels from Twitter to Transit, Blogs to Billboards, or LinkedIn to Print."

Here's how I describe myself:

  • Life-Long Learner. Educated in journalism, graduated in American Studies, degreed with a masters in administration, with extensive marketing knowledge that comes from experience, great mentors, and lots of independent study.
  • Start-Up Specialist. Brings marketing to life where it has long been absent, silent, ineffective, misused, or abused.
  • Fun Team Collaborator & Motivational Leader.
  • Willing to take on projects both small and large.
  • Meets crazy deadlines under budget with amazing results.
Enough About Me. I'd Rather Market You!  

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