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Effective Marketing RAISES you to top of mind awareness. It's not noise, provides value, and is interesting and welcomed. Unfortunately, many confuse marketing with bad advertising. Even good advertising is just one part of marketing, and an increasingly smaller part.  If you want to get the word out about your business, product, or service, make sure to create messaging that:
esonates with intended audiences and creates a buzz
pplies across platforms
s concise, understandable, and memorable
hines a positive light on you and/or your business
xpresses your personality and why you're special
potlights what differentiates you from competitors

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Kind Words from Kind Colleagues

Check them out yourself on LinkedIn at Here's a sample:

JC: " of the best marketing minds I've ever encountered. She thinks strategically, plans precisely and executes flawlessly."

JA: "She is a top notch marketing strategist with keen insights in social and digital media She is proactive, ensuring the organizations she advises stay ahead of the curve."

TF: "...has the uncanny ability to address legacy business problems with state of the art marketing solutions and technologies."

Here's how I describe myself:

  • Life-Long Learner. Educated in journalism, graduated in American Studies, degreed with a masters in administration, with extensive marketing knowledge that comes from experience, great mentors, and lots of independent study.
  • Start-Up Specialist. Brings marketing to life where it has long been absent, silent, ineffective, misused, or abused.
  • Fun Team Collaborator & Motivational Leader. Marketing is not brain surgery nor rocket science, but it is a science and an art, too. If it's not fun, it's not tickling someone's fancy, and marketing should tickle the mind.
  • Willing to take on projects both small and large. The big ones are just a series of small steps and the small ones have a way of having big impact. Each project has a life of its own and it's fun to see how they mature.
  • Meets crazy deadlines under budget with amazing results. I've never met a budget that couldn't be bigger, a deadline we wished were longer, or resources we wished were larger. We work with the cards we're dealt, and ironically they're frequently exactly the hand we needed to get the job done!
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